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Fall 3d Tree

3D Fall Trees by Andrea Maurer


Make these 3D fall trees to begin to teach your students about this colorful season.


What You Need:


• 12 x 18” piece of white construction paper


• Red, yellow, green, orange, and blue paint


• 12” x 3” brown construction paper


• 10” x 3” brown construction paper


• 12” x 1” any color construction paper


• A handful of 2” x 2” pieces of yellow, red, and orange tissue paper


• 12” x 18” piece of black construction paper




What To Do:


1. Place the paper vertically on the table. Paint green across the bottom of the paper. Then let your students decide which color should come next, red, orange, or yellow. Paint the top blue.


2. Hold the 12” x 3” piece of construction paper vertically. Rip a thin strip down each side of the paper. Rip along the top.


3. Take the 12” x 1” piece of construction paper and rip a small section off. Roll the paper and glue to the back of the tree. Glue to the front of the painting. You will do the same process for the branches.


4. Take the 10” x 3” piece of brown construction and make three long strips by ripping along the sides. Roll small pieces of paper and glue underneath the branches.


5. Crinkle the tissue paper. Let the students glue these on and around the tree.


6. Glue a piece of black construction paper to the back for the frame.





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