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Fun on the School Bus

Fun on the School Bus by Andrea Spillett


Start saving those egg cartons. Make this cheerful school bus with your students at the beginning of the year.  This makes a great bulletin board.


What You Need:


• Egg cartons lids

• Yellow and white paint

• Paintbrush

• 6” by 3” black construction paper

• 4” by 2” white construction paper

• Xerox copies of your student faces or have them draw their friends’ faces a self portrait

• Crayons

• Black sharpie




What To Do


1. Paint the lid of the egg carton yellow. (Sometime the yellow paint looks more like neon so I like to mix some white in with the yellow.)


2. Hold the black construction paper horizontally. Fold it in half, cut the corners, and the tips. Glue to the bottom of the egg carton lid. Do the same for the white construction paper. Glue to the middle of the black paper.


3. Use the crayons to draw pictures of the students’ friends. Cut the faces and glue to the middle of bus.


4. Use the sharpie to write: We’re on Our Way to___________. (Then fill in the blank. If you do this craft at the beginning of the year then fill in the blank with kindergarten. If you do this craft before a field trip then have the students write where they are going.









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