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Fall Mosaic

A Fall Mosaic by Andrea Maurer


Have fall come to life with this fun-to-do and easy to prep craft. (This is a great project for parent volunteers –  they can help with sorting colors in separate plastic baggies.)


What You Need:


• 9” x 12” piece of black construction paper


• ½ ” x ½ ” pieces of orange, yellow, red, brown, green, light green, blue, and light blue construction paper.


• Paintbrush


• Mod Podge


• 10” x13” piece of any color construction paper


What To Do:


1. Begin by deciding which fall objects your students want to focus on in this craft. In this example, I used trees and pumpkins. Start with the trunk and glue brown pieces of paper. Then glue orange, yellow, and red to represent the leaves.


2. Create a pumpkin using the same process.


3. Add grass and the sky. Let dry.


4. Apply Mod Podge to give the mosaic craft a nice shine.


5. Frame the craft by gluing it to the 10” x 13” piece of construction paper.









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