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Leaf Wreath

Leaf Wreath by Michele Higgins


Fall into autumn with this festive yet simple craft!  Children will enjoy collecting colorful leaves to use when creating a leaf wreath! Take your students on a leaf hunt before the activity – fresh  leaves are better!  If you want to create a leaf wreath that will last longer, you can buy tissue leaves from a local craft store.


What You Need:


• Leaves or tissue leaves


• Large paper plate


• Glue


• Ribbon







What To Do:


1. Cut the middle of a paper plate out to create a ring for the wreath.


2. Glue the leaves along the ring alternating colors! Be creative with the color pattern and leaf pattern.


3. Create a bow using the ribbon and glue bow to center of the wreath.


4. Hang the wreath from a window or door to show you are ready for fall!










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