Little Ideas for Big Teaching

What to do:

Step 1- Place plexiglass on white paper and trace around it making a rectangle on the white paper. This will allow you to see how large the picture you are drawing will be.

Step 2- Draw a picture, in pencil, in the rectangle you just traced. Since this is a spring project draw your picture with a spring theme; flowers, butterflies, sun and blue sky, etc.

Step 3- Place the plexiglass over the picture you just drew. Make sure to line up the edges with the outline of your rectangle, this will help to ensure your picture doesn’t come out crooked. Then trace over your pencil drawing with a black sharpie on the plexiglass.

Step 4- Using the acrylic paint; paint your picture on the plexiglass.
*Be sure to paint on paper or newspaper in order to not get paint on desks.

Step 5- Place stained glass in window and enjoy!

What you need:

1 8x10in piece of plexiglass

1-sheet of plain white paper

1 Pencil

1 Black sharpie pen

Acrylic paints

1 Small paint brush


Paper towels (for cleaning brush)

Newspaper (for painting on)

Craft by Jenel Anderson

Spring Stained Glass

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